Would your neighborhood or group like to learn more about Historic Preservation or just Phoenix History in general? Contact us!  

PHNC member Gerry McCue has a wonderful 30 minute slide show on the history of historic preservation in Phoenix that we'd love to share with your group. Please let us know, via email, if you're interested in the presentation and we'll set up a time to present it to your neighborhood or group, free of charge.

Much of the movement to protect central city neighborhoods in Phoenix started in the 1970's with the proposal of the Papago Freeway which would've been elevated 100 feet in the air, with giant looping "heliocoil" on/off ramps that would've destroyed huge swaths of the F.Q. Story. Roosevelt & Willo neighborhoods. Our educational presentation will show you how historic preservation in Phoenix started, why it's important today and where it's going in the future. 

If you'd prefer to set up an showing of the Historic Preservation presentation by phone, you're welcome to call Gerry McCue at: 602 253 5579